Engagement Models

We pride ourselves on delivering compelling, digital web, ecommerce and marketing solutions that drive leads and sales. We work with businesses using the following engagement models:

When the project scope is well defined, known and documented, a fixed budget can be provided. Additional scope will be handled via a change order process.

Time and Material
We provide resources for the skillsets required, provide an estimate that is approved by the client, and send a monthly statement of hours for the agreed upon hourly rate (for each resource or a blended rate multiple resources).

The model allows for flexibility in scaling up teams based on seasonal demand and helps cut costs associated with full-time hiring of employees.

Managed Services
This is an engagement model in which the we manage the service for you in an end-to-end manner taking care of all requirements that arise within that area of work.

Ad-hoc Support
Web services provided without an on-going contract. A service and support block of hours will be prepaid prior to the commencement of work.