Tips On How To Get The Best Out Of Magento

Every online store owner creates their store intending to maximize profits on the store. The first step to having a successful store is using Magento to create the store. It is, however, vital to optimize the store to ensure that customers find it easy to locate and order items in the store. online store owners get the following benefits from optimizing their Magento stores:

  • Gaining more customers: proper store optimization makes it easy to convert store visitors into customers. An adequately branded store with high-level usability helps in converting more visitors into customers than a store that has not been optimized.
  • Lowering customer acquisition cost: a highly optimized store will convert more website visitors into customers, thus reducing the money needed to attract customers into the store.
  • Increasing the website profits: when the store can gain more customers at fewer advertisement costs, the profits of the store are maximized.

Maximization tips

  • Image optimization – Online store owners should always use high-quality images to ensure high user engagement. It is, however, necessary to ensure that the images used are not heavy since they may reduce the load speed of the store. It is advisable to use lossless compression tools to minimize the size of the image.
  • Ensuring that the store is running on the latest Magento version – Its is necessary to run the latest version of Magento on the store to optimize all the features. This ensures that the security of the store is updated with issues existing in the previous version being fixed.
  • Disabling unused extensions and plugins – Any unnecessary plugins and extensions should be disabled for the store to load faster and reducing the number of items in the store’s interface.
  • Cache utilization – Magento contains various types of cache that a store may enable or disable. Some of the cache types include configuration, layout, translation, page, and integrations cache. Store owners should only allow cache types needed by them.

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